The BetterBox Project Movement to End Homelessness

To end chronic homelessness in Oklahoma, let’s not just think outside of the box, let’s get people into better boxes — safe and affordable apartments for those impacted by mental illness and chronic homelessness.

BetterBox Project is a public awareness campaign presented by Mental Health Association Oklahoma. Our goal is to educate people like YOU about the simple solution to ending chronic homelessness: Provide safe and affordable housing, and connect people to critical services in the community.

Our series of short documentaries reveal true stories of men and women who didn’t let homelessness beat them. They courageously reached out for help, and then stepped through the door of a better box to start a better life.

100% of BetterBox Project donations stay in Oklahoma to support Mental Health Association Oklahoma’s nationally recognized housing and recovery programs.

Are you ready to make a difference? Well, it’s really simple to build the momentum behind BetterBox Project:

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You are the key to giving those living on the streets a better life and, ultimately, creating better communities all across the country.

This movement starts with you!