When you break down all the barriers of society, the basic truth is we all live in a box. Some of us live in big homes with fancy furnishings, while some of us live more modestly. But the fact remains: We all live in the same basic shape… four walls, a floor and ceiling; a cube of space that defines our value in life. Without it, our fundamental sense of place is lost.

Every human being deserves to have those basic needs met. Let’s stop the cycle of homelessness for our abandoned neighbors.

What is the BetterBox Project?

The mission of the BetterBox Project is to raise awareness about the solution to ending chronic homelessness. Simply put, our aim is to improve the lives of our fellow men and women who suffer from mental illness and homelessness. Our series of short documentaries reveal true stories from people struggling with homelessness and mental illness. When you “Connect, Share and Give,” you further the message and get us one step closer to ending chronic homelessness.

Where does my donation go?

100% of donations to BetterBox Project support Mental Health Association Oklahoma’s nationally-recognized Housing First program. With your help, we can provide affordable housing to ensure every person has a place to live and a path to recovery.

What is the Housing First model?

100% of your donation goes to fund the Housing First model, which provides safe and affordable housing, along with access to support groups, advocacy, treatment, legal counseling and other community supports.

With treatment and support through the Housing First model, people with serious mental illness can return to school, find meaningful employment, obtain life skills, receive counseling and assume responsibility in a living environment that helps them function alongside other members of society.

We believe that the cost of doing nothing in the community, and leaving people to be homeless, is far greater than providing housing and support services. As a community, this proactive approach reduces expensive emergency room visits, cuts down on police and ambulance calls and is more humane.

Our nationally recognized housing model allows greater flexibility to manage and achieve overall program goals. These goals can be encapsulated into a “mixed income, mixed population model” featuring three interrelated concepts:

Provide: Access to housing for individuals who are homeless and mentally ill

Prevent: Homelessness

Preserve: Affordable housing stock

For more information regarding the Housing First model, click here.