When you break down all the barriers of society, the basic truth is we all live in a box. Some of us live in big homes, while some of us live more modestly. But we all live in the same basic shape… four walls, a floor and ceiling; a space that defines our value in life. Without it, our fundamental sense of place is lost.

Every human being deserves to have those basic needs met. Let’s stop the cycle of homelessness for our abandoned neighbors.

What is BetterBox Project?

The mission of BetterBox Project is to raise awareness about the solution to ending chronic homelessness. Our aim is to improve the lives of our fellow men and women impacted by mental illness and homelessness in Tulsa. Our series of short documentaries reveal true stories from people struggling with homelessness and mental illness.

Join the movement to end chronic homelessness in Tulsa today!

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